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Gotham Yellow

In the most competitive ride hailing and taxi environment in the US, digital transformation of driver engagement and fleet operations enabled Gotham Yellow Taxi to maximize fleet utilization, significantly reduce regulatory penalties, retain drivers, and keep taxis on the road longer.

Leading Emergency Response Solution Provider

We applied our elite digital transformation expertise to design, architect, and construct a next generation 911 emergency response system with 99.999% uptime.  The resulting mission critical system humanizes the timely delivery of relevant and actionable lifesaving information to first responders.  Mobile, cloud, and AI technologies were innovatively used to dispatch and coordinate critical resources.


At the urging of the board, we co-innovated with executive management to transform the company’s flagship product suite.  We re-architected the product suite to support a SaaS Cloud business model combined with easy to use mobile apps and consumer “just turn it on” IoT in-truck hardware enabled smaller fleet to compete with larger competitors.  The solution suite provided transformational digital abilities to customers with regulatory compliance and operational driving and vehicle performance insights. The journey rebounded the company’s revenues, profitability, and market share which led to an eventual acquisition by an industry leader.

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