Global Bay

Co-innovating with the founders of Global Bay, we digitally transformed their mobile payment solution with emphasis on improving the efficiency and productivity of small merchants and their staff. The resulting solutions allow the staff to process customer purchases, manage inventory catalogs, and perform cycle counts easily on smartphones inside or outside of the physical storefronts.

Premier Retail Networks

We exercised humanized design thinking to transform PRN’s digital content programming experience for use by ad schedulers and retail store staff.  As a result, PRN was able to enhance in-store shopper experience by enabling dynamic visual content to be easily scheduled and delivered within minutes through a vast network of screens situated throughout thousands of retail stores, arming in-store shoppers at Costco and Walmart with digital media content that could influence their purchase decisions.

Capital One

Brainstorming with Capital One’s Small Merchant Banking team, we created transformative financial technology solutions bringing ingenuity, simplicity, and humanity to merchant banking services.  The mobile solutions allow Capital One to provide financial solutions such banking services, credit cards, and small merchant loans to their merchant customers anywhere, anytime, anyplace. These solutions are a corner stone of the CapitalOne Café and  it’s community approach to banking services.


Collaborating with the Verifone mobile team, we redefined and transformed the retail payment journey user experience.  Emphasis was placed on removal of friction in the end to end experience from payer to payee. The omnipresent solution integrates the in-store, online, 3rd party, and telephone order payments into a unified experience with a simplified payment process.

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