Why China

The evolution taking place within China is unmistakable

The tremendous rates of growth, the huge labor pool and new affluent consumers, the significant foundation in infrastructure and commitments from the government — All total up to opportunities for companies seeking offshore alternatives, considering strategies for going-to-market in China, and exploring ways to target the segmented local consumers.

A different strategy is required for China

How we have assisted multinational companies, as well as medium to small enterprises, capitalize on the China wave.

China Growth

  • The world’s most dynamic economy in terms of overall GDP growth
    • GDP growth rate > 7%
  • The world’s 2nd largest economy measured on purchasing power parity
  • The world’s largest talent pool (most Ph.D. computer science and engineering candidates)
    • 23% population are of working age
  • Ongoing domestic infrastructure investment
    • Increasing telecommunications density and penetration: 263 million
    • Largest Internet users: 123 million
  • Leading in manufacturing, and transforming to a services-based economy
  • $50 billion-plus annual foreign investment

Huge and Competent Workforce

  • 200,000 working professionals in China to date
  • 3,000 PhDs awarded in computer science annually
  • Chinese universities are predicted to graduate 150-200,000 IT workers annually
  • Top 2,000 universities have 10 million students and can expand capacity as required

Large Domestic Outsourcing Market

  • Amount of outsourcing from Chinese delivery centers reached $3.4 billion dollars in 2010
  • Estimate 24.2% year over year growth rates throughout the five years, resulting in around $10 billion dollars by 2015

Stable and Supportive Government

  • Government focused on improving domestic capacity and infrastructure
  • Issuing policies that protect private ownership and intellectual property
  • Focused plan and program to develop China as a leading outsourcing destination and industry
  • Emphasis on attracting MNCs to set up offshore development and service center in China

IP Protection and Security

  • IT governance standards are taking root in China
  • Chinese IT and software services companies are actively implementing international IT governance standards
  • Strict operational and security controls are implemented among companies
  • Fostering IP-consciousness is a high priority in company cultures

English Language Skills

  • English is taught as China’s second language
  • National English proficiency tests are mandatory for B.A and M.A degrees
  • Companies encourage and promote English as the language in the workplace