Why Augmentum

Established in 2003

We provide software engineering services for products and solutions that digitally transform enterprises and their customers

  • These are extendable and customizable platforms to create disruptive transformation leading to innovative market solutions
  • We are a true extension to our customers in-house team for end-to-end development of their products and solutions

We have distributed teams in U.S. & China

  • We have 1,000+ employees worldwide
  • We are incorporated in the US and headquartered in the Silicon Valley
  • We have Global Delivery Centers in the US and China: Shanghai and Wuhan
  • We provide team extension to customer’s core team and processes
  • Our US Team are recognized leaders in the software industry (Enterprise & Consumer)
  • Most of our managers and project leaders in China are trained local nationals

We have created leading software solutions for industry leaders in the Greater China Region since the summer of 2006