Our Vision

Augmentum’s vision is to be the best software development services provider in the world.

We are on target moving toward making that vision a reality. However, at Augmentum we believe that speed is only one factor in success, that a sound foundation of accomplishment is just as important.

Rather than developing software based on specs, AUGMENTATION TEAM® resources serve as extension to our customers’ teams. We experience your experience, understand your business problem, and help you to ideate, visualize, and implement a solution under AUGMENTATION MODEL® framework, to address business / operational issues, improve the efficiency of the business / operation processes. This is the AUGMENTATION® practices we strive to deliver to the world.

Milestones from Augmentum’s 12 year anniversary:

Customers Worldwide with Wide Range of Business

  • Customers include members of the Fortune 100, other software leaders with sales over $1B, mid-sized companies leading their technology sectors, as well as U.S. startups funded by top venture capital firms.
  • Our customers’ businesses range from software for hardware products, to tools, to enterprise software, to user solutions, and cover market sectors from high tech and telecommunications to finance, logistics, hospitality, and HR.

Centers Worldwide with Chinese Staff In Major Cities

  • Development centers in Foster City, California, Shanghai, China and Wuhan, China are staffed and operational with state-of-the-art technology and facilities.
  • We are now 1000+ worldwide.
  • More top university graduates join Augmentum every month.

Good Services to The Next Generation

  • Multiple projects have been delivered that will be released as part of next generation products for leading U.S., European, and Asian companies.
  • Augmentum is responsible for multiple software-as-services sites that have been developed from the ground up in shorter times than found anywhere else in the industry.
  • Time-to-productivity is unequaled, with fully functioning teams up and running for our customers in as little as 30 days.
  • Our teams provide value-added services to our customers, services high on the technological complexity scale and more importantly, high on our customers’ value chain