We built Augmentum to support systems companies

We understand the pressures of commercial hardware, IC, and software product and solution development along with the associated technical support and professional services required by your customers.

The senior executives at Augmentum have held senior management and technical positions such as VP of Engineering, CTO, and Senior Architect, repeatedly, in enterprise software and systems companies of all sizes.

During our careers, we have ramped up outsourced offshore initiatives over and over again, developing in the process a model that is both repeatable and reliable: the AUGMENTATION MODEL®.


How does it work?

We extend and augment your team at every level

  • In the US, senior architects and development managers are your primary contacts; knowledge transfer is rapid, effective, and long-lasting.
  • Your offshore resources are trained by the same senior architects and development managers and staffed according to your requirements.
  • Clients can involve themselves at different phases of building the team – write the job descriptions, participate in interviews, etc. – or we can provide a turnkey service.
  • Once established, your AUGMENTATION TEAM® resource is consistent– when the next release is scheduled, or a key customer or salesperson requires an enhancement, or a key customer project is tasked with a new functional requirement, your team and the knowledge you transferred is in place.


In creating software products and development solutions for you, our AUGMENTATION PROCESS® methodology utilizes Augmentum’s own experienced personnel, expertise and skills to adopt your organization’s own internal development processes, no matter whether it’s agile or CMMI, or to suggest a process that is suitable for your project.