Web Applications

Getting your organization on the web used to be a relatively simple endeavor. A basic website and a domain name constituted a pretty comprehensive online strategy (at least, no worse than the next guy). But today, with more than 109,000,000 websites in existence, merely having a presence may not be enough to get tangible business results.

To succeed on the modern web, businesses need to deliver an engaging, sticky, and memorable web experience to their customers. Or they may need to create and arm their organization with the best Enterprise 2.0 software.

You might want a CMS, or E-commerce capability, or maybe even a mixture of both. You might want to deliver quickly and cost effectively by leveraging Open Source software. You will probably need state-of-the-art interfaces that combine great usability, visual design, and interactive design delivered in HTML5. You may want SEO, social media strategy, and web strategy instead of gambling on the “build it and they will come” approach. Your situation may necessitate the adoption of an agile approach at designing and delivering your product.

On top of everything else, you need to be able to deliver early and iterate quickly to stay ahead of the competition.

If this sounds familiar, Augmentum may just be the missing piece of the puzzle for you.