VELO-Press Release
Augmentum's VELO Table Management System Selected By Australia's Crown Sydney - September 8, 2020

Introducing VELO

VELO is the result of nearly two decades of large-scale casino operations experience at award winning resorts in Macau, Las Vegas, and Melbourne

Mobile Manager

Real-time Customer/Operational data

Real-time alerting of high value risks and opportunities

Trip preparation management for VIP arrivals and departures

Orchestrate tasks across departments for superior guest experience

Monitor real-time casino, player, and VIP program performance anytime, anywhere

Secure and auditable workforce communications and collaboration

Table Management System

Obvious to use, reduced errors, accelerated game speed

Asian and Western casino support

Designed to directly interface with electronic shoes, RFID tech, bet tracking tech, currency tech, etc…

Mobile Connect

CMS data triggered real-time offers

Secure Digital Vouchers with Redemption

Progressive displays

Point Balances


Hotel/Table Reservations

Event Tickets Purchase

Real-time issuance of offers from hosts (through VELO Mobile Manager)

Communications with Hosts (through VELO Mobile Manager)

Replaces on premise kiosk

VIP Program Management System

Asian style VIP Programs

Real-time commission and comp calculation

Rapid settlements with interim settlements also

Cage Management System

Large casino multi-cage, multi-property support

Sophisticated chip inventory and movement tracking with accountability

Balance sheet focused reconciliation of all cage assets

Transform your casino with VELO