Augmentum has proven to be an invaluable partner to Motorola through its relentless drive to meet and exceed its customer commitments.

Steve Mayes

- Program Director of Motorola
Augmentum combines both speed and agility – speed in quickly learning our business practices and agility in rapidly delivering and evolving a solution with us...


They came to us at a time of need and delivered solutions that far exceeded our expectations...


The innovative approach employed by Augmentum in delivering solutions will help reshape the standard of software for the industry."


"The board loved it. One of the few questions asked was which other casino has such technology. JD and I answered that we are peerless at this point.

Andre Ong

- VP and CIO of Wynn Macau
Augmentum has exhibited deep expertise in Microsoft’s .NET platform, in parallel with practical and detail-oriented implementation practices.

Chin-Tang Chin

- Strategy Architect of Microsoft
What makes this work is Augmentum provides additional bandwidth to my team. Augmentum gets productive very quickly. After an afternoon whiteboard session with the Augmentum US principal along with some members of my team, the projects can begin. I trust the Augmentum team, and not just for the simple things.

Ryan Wong

- Director of Product Development and Chief Architect of Business Objects
Augmentum brings a compelling mix of skills to platform enabling….delivering applications that combine their embedded software and user interface development skills to expose the robust capability of Intel’s CE architectures.

Gary Palangian

- Media Infrastructures Manager, Consumer Electronics Group of Intel
We are thankful that Augmentum’s efficiency, high value delivery, and workmanship made the CCTV Torch Relay and Olympic Webcast websites a tremendous success. Augmentum’s team went above and beyond what was asked of them to deliver the high quality software, design, and user experience that our brand demands.

Li Xiang

- Director of CCTV
Augmentum has been instrumental to our success. They operate at a much higher level than other software development outsourcing firms by offering a full range of technical services, including solution design, architecture, development,quality control, and testing. It’s hard to even quantify the time and money we’ve saved by using Augmentum.

Brock Purpura

- CEO of Etology
Augmentum has been able to work directly with our domain experts, serving as an entire software engineering team from product management through architecture, to quality assurance and release. Working with Augmentum, Newton has brought a product to market that leapfrogs anything previously available, in an incredibly rapid idea-to-development-to-release cycle. Augmentum has been a critically important partner in our quest to create Human Resource applications that lead the industry in performance, reliability and ease-of-use.

Steve Hazelton

- President & CEO of Newton Software
EDA software product development is extremely challenging because of the highly specialized domain knowledge and technology it encompasses. It takes years to gain the necessary experience. Assembling and ramping up a team to reach desired productivity levels is especially difficult in China, which is still working on extending its pool of experienced EDA developers. Augmentum did very well and exceeded the majority of my expectations.

Dr. William Kao

- Ph.D., Engineering Group Director of Cadence Design Systems
I am very pleased with Augmentum’s collaboration in our efforts to build an object oriented automated test framework and the concurrent automation of thousands of manual test cases. Our regression cycles have gone from days and weeks to hours. We like the speed and quality of Augmentum’s China team and the minimal amount of oversight they required from PalmSource.

Steven Glass

- VP of Engineering of PalmSource