Technical Expertise

What is EI?

Every enterprise has to respond to the following challenges today.

  • Increasing a customer base by providing new channels for current services and products
  • Integrating assets brought in through mergers and acquisitions
  • Reacting quickly to adopt new technology to accomplish the above goals

All this needs to be done while minimizing the impact to current infrastructure and technology, and integrating the current infrastructure and technology with the new services. EI technology provides the necessary tools and procedures to address these problems while still maintaining investment in current infrastructure.

For enterprise software product companies, the challenge is different. Every enterprise software product company now must consider providing EI capabilities as an offering or risk irrelevance – particularly as the platform vendors increase functionality. And platform vendors must provide EI capabilities to stay in the game. All software product companies need to add these capabilities while maintaining investment in their current code base. The team at Augmentum provides a unique and powerful blend of expertise in EI technology.

What can EI tools do for me?

These tools include:

  • Adapters to connect to legacy systems so that these systems can be integrated with new technology and services
  • Transformation tools to allow data exchange between disparate systems
  • Business Process Automation to automate manual processes in an enterprise
  • Integrated support for standards-based technologies such as J2EE, XML and SOAP
  • Real-time analysis and monitoring tools to report on various critical business metrics

How can Augmentum address my EI issues?

Your AUGMENTATION TEAM® can create custom EI tools, as well as apply packaged tools to build mission critical applications in various industries such as healthcare, finance and communications. We can also provide you a rapid path to an effective QA team for your EI solutions, tools, and products; EI is a complex domain and ordinarily training up a specialized QA team is resource-intensive.

Our deep understanding of the technology and its usage in actual deployments allows us to provide either of the following services:

  • Work with product companies developing EI tools, and incorporating EI as an integral part of their product offering.
  • Work with companies that wish to use third-party EI tools to provide value-added solutions or services.