Software Development Services

Our philosophy of software development focuses on human centered experiences throughout the lifecycle of creating and improving digital experiences.  We employ modern technologies and tools along with design thinking inspired and empathetically grounded approaches to consulting, design, development, and operations.​

Dream It, We Build It.

Creating successful digital experiences

If we’ve learned anything in our 15+ years of creating successful digital experiences, it’s that we need to:

  • Prioritize the user experience as much as the tech
  • Design, develop, and deploy as one integrated process
  • Release a minimal viable product (MVP) quickly
  • Repeat quickly – as things change quickly and there are always improvements to be made

Whether it’s a brand new application or system, a new mobile front end integrating with an existing back-end, or something in between, we look forward to the opportunity to co-innovate with you in making your software aspirations reality as we have done with our other clients.

Cloud Migration

Transforming business to scale in the cloud

We have been fortunate to work with our enterprise clients in real world scenarios on how best to start with and incrementally adopt cloud infrastructure and services to cost effectively deliver, scale, and adjust to modern instant gratification and consumer user experience demands.  

Some of the approaches we’ve taken are:

  • Greenfield new systems using public cloud, PaaS, and SaaS through API’s and micro-services to quickly build up new functionality leveraging identity, security, AI, vision, AR, and other SaaS capabilities
  • Creating micro-services API layers on top of existing enterprise systems along with new mobile experiences using those API’s to complement the existing application user experiences
  • Re-writing key portions of existing applications to be cloud-native and take advantage of on-demand scalability through state-less architectures and containerized deployment
  • Replicating production environments in the cloud for testing, performance analysis, and staging purposes for existing mission critical enterprise applications
  • Modern approach to data unification of data silos using cloud and hybrid cloud solutions to build data lakes and data as a service (DaaS) solutions to quickly glean actionable insight from the rapidly proliferating sources of disconnected data from mobile applications, social media engagement, IoT device data streams, along with traditional enterprise applications of CRM, ERP, customer service, logistics, supply chain management, etc.

Most clients have some elements of all the above and are unique in their needs given industry, regulatory compliance, data privacy, and multi-national requirements.

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