Instant, On The Spot, Contactless Guest Experience

The HeartBump eXperience Design & Engagement (XDE) Platform empowers businesses that excel in creating memorable experiences for their guests to digitally transform and enhance those experiences.  The XDE platform provides cloud delivered tools that allows the rapid creation and publishing of digital guest experiences that are instantly delivered to a guest when they scan a QR Code or tap an NFC tag. HeartBump uses the latest mobile technologies to accomplish this including support for Apple iOS 14’s new App Clips technology.

HeartBump guides your guests through their journey by allowing you to define activation points all throughout your guest experience.  An activation point is any physical place where you want to engage with your guests.  This could be your main entrance, a table in a restaurant, an attraction in a museum, a theme park ride, or any point of interest where you could engage a guest in their experience journey.

The platform then allows the creation and publishing of digital guest experiences that are rich , mobile, interactive experiences associated to those activation points through QR Codes or NFC tags.  The HeartBump technology instantly delivers these experiences to your guests, on the spot, no app download needed.  Better yet, these experiences can be modified and re-published all under your control whenever you need.

The platform also has powerful process flow modeling and integration capabilities so that your existing enterprise systems can be incorporated into your guest experience.  Whether the systems are CRM, loyalty, point of sales, gaming, hotel, or F&B just to name a few.   Of course, HeartBump provides dashboards of guest journey insights to further enhance guest experiences and monetization.

We are very excited about the transformational potential of HeartBump for your business through instant, on the spot, guest experiences.  Please contact us to learn more how HeartBump can specifically transform your guest experiences.

Transform your business with HeartBump