HeartBump™ Press Release

Augmentum Introduces HeartBump™ – Instant, On The Spot, Contactless Guest Experiences

No app download. Pure experience. HeartBump™ delivers an innovative digital approach to revolutionize and transform guest experiences.

PRESS RELEASE SEP 24, 2020 08:00 PDT
SAN MATEO, Calif., September 24, 2020 (Newswire.com) – Introducing HeartBump, a revolutionary new digital approach to instantly deliver on the spot Contactless Guest Experiences during their visits at hotels, casino resorts, theme parks, entertainment venues, shopping malls, museums, and other attraction-rich destination experiences.
HeartBump combines physical activation points (e.g. a main entrance, attractions, venues, entertainment areas, food and beverage outlets, and more) along with instantly delivered digital interactive experiences that are contextually focused on serving guests’ immediate needs.
In these extraordinarily challenging times during COVID-19, guest journeys are fraught with safety concerns requiring compassionate contactless guest experiences. HeartBump is singularly focused on empowering businesses to quickly create and deliver contactless guest experiences through their own mobile phones – the one safe contact point guests trust. HeartBump delivers these experiences without forcing guests to download an app ahead of time.
HeartBump innovates upon the latest mobile technologies such as NFC tags, QR Codes, and Apple iOS 14’s latest App Clip technology enabling fast lightweight experiences on iPhone.
HeartBump delivers instant, on the spot, contactless guest experiences.
Imagine turning a physical property into a series of activation points that allow guests to instantly engage a property with their mobile phone, on the spot, without first downloading an app. These activation points can instantly: 
  • Inform – Provide up to the minute safety practices, event schedules, service availabilities, and available promotions
  • Reserve – Make reservations for a restaurant table, on premise event/show, or outdoor/indoor lounge areas
  • Get-in-line – Queue virtually for services such as theme park rides and outdoor pool cabanas
  • Order – Food and beverages from digital restaurant menus for contactless pickup
  • Pay – Contactless digital payment for goods and services

HeartBump enables staff members to deliver superior guest experiences, personalized and contactless, with safety and protection for both staff and guests.

Augmentum’s HeartBump eXperience Design & Engagement (XDE) Platform is the only solution that allows a business to surround their property quickly and easily with engaging, instant, interactive, contactless, on the spot digital guest experiences. The platform does all the challenging work of creating, managing, and powering HeartBump so businesses can focus on providing guests safe and memorable experiences.

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