Executive Team

Dr. Leonard Liu
Chairman &
Chief Executive Officer

Leonard Liu has spent 40 years in the systems industry, with a history of developing innovative computing technologies into successful businesses. He has played key roles in the development of the PC, enterprise software and semiconductor industries. Most recently, he served as president of ASE Group, a provider of IC test and packaging services, having held roles as Chairman and CEO of Walker Interactive Systems, COO of Cadence Design Systems, and President of Acer Group. He has been a champion of globally distributed software development for decades. Dr. Liu began his career at IBM where he was responsible for the creation and implementation of SQL and the management of CICS, SNA, and AIX ,eventually overseeing the worldwide Database and Language lines-of-business. He received his undergraduate degree from Taiwan University and his Ph.D. from Princeton University.

Wayne Hom
Chief Technology Officer & 
Executive Vice President

Wayne Hom has 30 years of experience inventing, developing and delivering commercial software technologies. He comes to Augmentum from Vitria, where he was VP of Solutions Engineering. Previous positions include VP of User Experience at Zaplet, VP and Chief Architect at Walker Interactive, Windows Architect, Cadence Design Systems and Chief Architect, Symantec. Mr. Hom has driven a diverse set of software products including shrink wrap PC project management software, workstation based CAD tools, mainframe based ERP systems, client/server based financial reporting systems, web based collaboration systems, and vertical industry focused reporting and business process management systems. He has outsourced software development ranging from application components for the financial and health care verticals, to ground up development of reporting tools, to complete product development and QA, in India and in China.