Digital Transformation

We provide consulting, design, development, and operations services to help enterprises digitally transform their operations.  Taking a human centered approach allows us to put staff members, customers, and the interplay between them at the center of our digital transformation services.  Through co-innovation with our clients we have automated manual processes, removed mounds of ad-hoc spreadsheets, and transformed system workarounds into digital experiences that are natural and obvious.  We like to think that our creations provide our clients with digital “exoskeletons” making their teams faster and smarter while their customers are better served and engaged. 


Macau’s gaming revenue is 6 times larger than Las Vegas with a clientele and massive workforces that are largely Chinese.  Digital transformation focused on the teams of gaming, cage,  security, surveillance, and audit resulted in reduced training, significant reduction of errors, increased regulatory compliance, and real-time transparency of business opportunities and risk.  The transformation also allowed for the holistic integration of other resort services such as hotel and dining.

Leading Emergency Response Solution Provider

We applied our elite digital transformation expertise to design, architect, and construct a next generation 911 emergency response system with 99.999% uptime.  The resulting mission critical system humanizes the timely delivery of relevant and actionable lifesaving information to first responders.  Mobile, cloud, and AI technologies were innovatively used to dispatch and coordinate critical resources.


Through deep empathy work, we were able to achieve emotional transformation of the buyer and developer/seller of luxury condominiums during the stressful process of taking delivery of a condo.  Painstaking, error prone, and time consuming manual processes with clipboards, post-it notes, and dis-connected spreadsheets were transformed using mobile cloud apps with AI image and voice recognition along with real-time data analytics to transform a process that would take days and weeks into minutes and hours without the pain and errors.

Gotham Yellow

In the most competitive ride hailing and taxi environment in the US, digital transformation of driver engagement and fleet operations enabled Gotham Yellow Taxi to maximize fleet utilization, significantly reduce regulatory penalties, retain drivers, and keep taxis on the road longer.

Thermo Fluids

We strategically co-innovated with the leadership team resulting in a disruptive digital transformation initiative.  It transformed the bio waste collection and transportation company, elevated its valuation which resulted in a successful acquisition.

PatientSafe Solutions

Focusing on hospital staff delivering high quality and efficient patient care, digital transformation is achieved through mobile solutions ensuring reliability in health care services, delivering measurable improvements in safety and quality for hospitals.

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