Augmentum, Inc. and Gao Feng Advisory Company enter into a strategic alliance in forming a Blockchain Innovation Lab and Competency Center in China and Silicon Valley, California.

Augmentum, Inc., a specialist in digital transformation, enterprise software solution development, and technology services along with Gao Feng Advisory Company, a pre-eminent global professional strategy and management consulting firm with roots in China, enter into a strategic alliance in forming a Blockchain Innovation Lab and Competency Center in Shanghai, China and Silicon Valley, California.

The strategic alliance aims to explore Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for use in the design, development and implementation of Blockchain based business solutions that deliver tangible return on investment through enterprise software development and industry standards.

The Innovation Lab is designed to accelerate Blockchain innovations. The Competency Center is designed to make available a rich resource pool of skilled talents in enterprise software and Blockchain to bring Blockchain from proof-of-concept to real-world solutions.

The Augmentum-Gao Feng strategic alliance has the following focus areas:

  • Building technology capabilities and creating IP that applies Blockchain to building trusted networks across business sectors.
  • Pursuing development of Blockchain based business solution through collaboration with established global industry consortium such as Hyperledger, R3 Consortium and China-based consortium such as ChinaLedger Alliance, The Financial Blockchain Shenzhen Consortium, Trusted Blockchain Telecom Application Group.
  • Expanding Blockchain skilled resource pool in China through education and real-world solutions development experience.
  • Assist and advise Chinese enterprises and global MNCs in China on their digital transformation journey leveraging Blockchain and related technologies such as AI and IoT.

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