Web Applications

Breadth of Modern Technology Capabilities:

Augmentum believes in the mantra of using the “best tool for the job”. As a technology agnostic outfit, we work using the technology that delivers the best value for our clients. Whether you need to build the next killer app using PHP, .NET, JAVA, Ruby on Rails, or HTML5, we’ve got you covered.

A cornerstone of our philosophy is to not re-invent the wheel on our client’s dime. Our expertise in a variety of open source platforms such as CMS, video CMS, E-commerce, and online ad-servers allow us to deliver highly customized solutions based on proven platforms at very competitive costs and fast delivery times.

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Agile and Iterative Development:

We develop using agile and iterative methodologies that involves clients intimately in the process of building their product. This allows us to deliver value in a very short amount of time and minimize risk for our customers.