Web Applications

High Availability and Cloud-based Deployment

Why pay for expensive infrastructure up front? We can help our clients leverage cloud technology to achieve faster time to value and minimize upfront capital expenditures. Cloud computing platforms are cost efficient and high performance, and are ideal for development, QA, staging, and high availability production scenarios.


Augmentum uses best practices in security approaches in the construction and testing of its software. As security measures are a concerted effort of network, hardware, and software configurations, we work with our client’s IT and security groups to ensure our solutions meet the maximum possible security protection levels.

Deployment Planning

Based on our customer’s business requirements and constraints, we work together with our clients to put a software architecture, system architecture, and network architecture together that makes business sense. As part of deployment, we also work with our clients on internal user rollout and training, legacy data migration strategies, and production rollout strategies. A comprehensive plan is developed and managed so all parties are on the same page.