Web Applications

In addition to the emphasis we place on customer experiences, we extend this philosophy so that our customers can provide the best experience on the web for their customers.

This requires not just great technology and performance, but also a great user experience. Augmentum provides top-notch creative capabilities, as well as visual design, interaction design, and usability optimization.

Augmentum uses a User Centered Design and Development methodology that enables development of customized solutions more predictably and reliably in a cost-effective manner with the users in mind from the onset.

Augmentum’s User Experience (UX) team takes an active role in project planning and design iterations (e.g., UI design and storyboard).

Furthermore, the UX team is in lock step with its counterparts in development and testing, where development, testing, and UX teams interact with each other throughout the software planning, development, testing, and deploying phases.