Product Development Outsourcing

Sustaining engineering often can be more challenging than developing a new piece of code. It requires a complete and comprehensive understanding of the existing architecture, design goals, key technologies, and functionality as it was originally envisioned. It demands a disciplined approach to provide a workable solution under a tremendous time pressure while introducing zero regression.

Augmentum understands this non-trivial nature of sustaining engineering and has been providing SLA based sustaining engineering services to software product companies by focusing on the fundamentals – knowledge acquisition and retention, software development and testing, and efficiency gained through experience.

When building a sustaining engineering team for each of our customers, Augmentum has a simple goal of reaching the steady state as quickly as possible to reduce any overhead incurred to our customers. Although each product has its own challenges, in general, Augmentum takes the following four-phased approach to building a sustaining engineering team.



  • Ramp up: Short ramp up with fundamentals, foundational skill set, environment, formal technology training, process training, knowledge acquisition through deep dive, explorative testing, and ad-hoc testing
  • Productive: Able to perform simple tasks, continuous self-paced training, and occasional formal training. Work products by the individual contributors are reviewed internally (buddy review, group review) and externally by our customer’s engineering team
  • Efficient: Able to solve and carry out more complex issues, and occasionally requires help from other experienced engineers. Focus on improving deeper understanding of finer details of product issues
  • Optimal: Equivalent level of proficiency as the existing experienced engineers. Collaborate with our customer on improving or fine tuning process

Reaching the steady state is achieved by rigorous training, feeding and caring of the team members, providing technical guidance and oversight, and proactive performance management.

Retaining learned knowledge is as critical to the success of any project as initial training, and Augmentum typically takes the responsibility of all subsequent and continuous training of the team and additional resources. As a result, Augmentum can mitigate risks of knowledge drain.