Project Overview

Augmentum has been working with one of the top ERP product companies, providing services for sustained engineering and regional/regulatory feature development and testing. The Augmentum team of 100+ engineers is organized in multiple sub-teams, interacting on a daily basis with the client’s project owners and development leads located in Europe, North America, and APAC.

Project Goals and Tasks

The Augmentum team must

  • Analyze, develop, test, and update sustained engineering issues for and new regional/regulatory feature changes to the core ERP products.
  • Acknowledge and complete all sustained engineering issues within the agreed SLA.
  • Complete all regional/regulatory features before the market required by date as defined by the client.
  • Communicate with field engineers for clarification of issues.
  • Review functional specifications and provide detailed design documents for solutions.
  • Develop and test solutions and code fixes in the core ERP products.
  • Monitor and update issues list.
  • Manage distribution of new fixes and solutions.

Therefore, the Augmentum team must

  • Proactively seek creative solutions.
  • Be self-motivated and self-sufficient.
  • Communicate precisely and concisely.
  • Interact effectively with a diverse group of dev owners in multiple geographical regions.
  • Understand clear escalation paths.
  • Prioritize and triage effectively.

Technology and Skills Used

In addition to the development tools and test tools specific to the client, the Augmentum team routinely uses SQL Server Reporting Services, SharePoint, and Visual Studio (C++/C#). Among many skill sets required, the Augmentum team is especially skilled in analysis of requirements and development with correctness (overcoming ambiguity), designing tests with accuracy, and providing high bandwidth communication.

Team Achievements

  • Effective training and knowledge transfer for faster contribution to the client’s teams.
  • Collaboration environment for the client’s project owners and stakeholders, and Augmentum team members.
  • Delivered new fixes within the predefined SLA.
  • Delivered regional/regulatory features for Europe, North America, and APAC.
  • Support system for technical oversight, project management, software development management, continuing training and education, feeding and caring of our engineers at no additional cost to the client.
  • Stability of the team through in-depth career counseling, clear career goals and objectives, expectation management, and continuous internal and external training.
  • High bandwidth communication to/from the client and Augmentum.
  • Phased milestone based approach*.

Benefits to the Client

  • Strategic focus for the client’s core engineering team.
  • Management oversight for Augmentum engineers’ feeding and caring at its own site.
  • Well trained, dedicated, and stable work force to address a wide range of issues and feature requests.
  • Bench-strength from qualified and trained software professionals.
  • Managed variability of work force.

Phased Milestone Based Approach

Considering the complexity and the amount of domain knowledge that had to be quickly obtained and validated, Augmentum, teaming up with the client, engineered a unique approach to the team ramp up process. The ramp up process was divided in phases – each phase having tangible goals (milestones). To start off, the client’s core engineering team continued to work on solutions while the Augmentum team worked on solutions independently in parallel. The solutions from Augmentum is, then, checked by the client the correctness and applicability while the Augmentum team reviews the official solutions developed by the client, thus learning in real time, but being able to compare and contrast. Rather than simply reviewing the official solutions (passive learning), comparing and contrasting with our own solutions (active learning), the Augmentum team was able to grasp subtle differences and nuances more quickly.

During the second phase, the Augmentum team worked on official solutions which were reviewed extensively by the client’s core engineering team.

During the (current) third phase, the Augmentum team works on official solutions which are “spot” reviewed by the client’s core engineering team. The rest of extensive reviews are conducted by the Augmentum team.

The last phase in this approach is for the Augmentum team to provide managed services for the entire product line.