CCTV International ( is the website for CCTV (China Central Television). It was established in December, 1996 and is one of the earliest websites to publish information on Chinese. In October, 2000, was listed as one of the key news websites of central government, serving as the main focal point for national news and media websites.

Business Imperatives

In December of 2007, CCTV.COM officially became the Internet and mobile phone broadcaster of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. CCTV.COM was the only new-media entity (compared to traditional television broadcasters), given the right to transmit the Beijing Olympic Games in mainland China and Macao. CCTV.COM Olympic Torch Relay Website was the key website that CCTV International went live for the Olympic Games.

Augmentum with its leading user experience (UX) practices and development teams demonstrated its seasoned experience in project development and operational know-how on online video management (based on WEB2.0 and Internet TV) and was award the project.


As it is often the case, it was difficult for CCTV.COM to nail down requirements for the website fully. However, since the time was a critical factor, Augmentum, with its project management experience and professional development teams, forged ahead and worked closely with CCTV.COM to understand the overall business drivers and goals, and completed the technical requirements in a short period of time. As CCTV.COM’s technology partner, Augmentum designed and developed a complete solution from UX, architecture, design, implementation, and test, to maintenance and upgrade.

The Olympics Torch Relay website featured fully interactive graphical web pages, promoting user participation throughout the Olympic torch’s journey over the Internet, WAP phones, and integration of online channel and television broadcasting. Building on the concept, “Light the Passion, Share the Dream,” the website featured the torch relay schedule, torch relay cities, and interactive activities for which information was pushed to mobile phones, a photo album, along with event videos and local and international news.

Project Overview

Comprehensive Torch Relay Route Information

The entire Beijing Olympic Games’ torch relay process was shown on a map of the world, China, and associated provinces. During the torch relay, the website displayed the real-time location of the torch along with the number of cities in its path and the distance travelled which viewers on the Internet were able to follow.


Cities in Torch Relay’s Path

The website enabled viewers to click on the map to browse information on the cities in torch relay’s path, historical information on the Olympics, photographic depiction of each city, and the pictures and videos of the torch relay itself. The interaction model using a map turned out to be more intuitive and informative.


Unique User Interaction

The website also took a unique approach for users to participate by uploading pictures and videos of streets and scenic spots of their own cities to the map. Users were also able to join the “design torch route” activities for the first time in the history of torch relay, where users designed their own torch relay routes in comparison to the official route. User interaction and participation further embodied the Beijing Olympic Games as an event of the whole nation.


The website provided a real-time interactive platform between the real and virtual worlds. CCTV.COM achieved its goal of establishing the de facto “My Olympics” channel as the only authorized new media player for the Beijing Olympic Games. The platform is also the basis for the Olympics rebroadcast platform.