CCTV International ( is the website for CCTV (China Central Television). It was established in December, 1996 and is one of the earliest websites to publish information on Chinese. In October, 2000, was listed as one of the key news websites of central government, serving as the main focal point for national news and media websites.

Business Imperatives

As the official media organization for the Beijing Olympics, planned on establishing CCTV Online TV for the Olympics as its main news media product, taking advantage of the latest media technology to bring extraordinary media experience to Internet citizens and share the passion for the Olympics.


CCTV online TV for the 2008 Olympics represents the next generation media infrastructure of Using state-of-the-art technology and an innovative Web 2.0 approach, it represented a new breed of media offering and distribution platform by CCTV.

As the partner of CCTV International, Augmentum has been responsible for website development and integration of the entire project.

Focusing on video and community, CCTV online TV for the Olympics ushered in unparalleled user experience and interactive mode that supported high definition video via live broadcast and VOD, and built sports centered video promotions and interactive community platform for Internet users.

Project Overview

3D Live and VOD Panoramic Wall

3D Live and VOD panoramic wall displays 60 Olympics channels on live and VOD in a panoramic view of TV screens. It’s easy for viewers to know what is playing on each channel, and it also brings the feel of being in the studio to viewers as their favorite Olympics games unfold.


Multiple Information Rich Media Player

In addition to the regular media play function, CCTV Online TV for the Olympics media player adds more of Olympics related scenes, such as information on events, historical backdrop, scores, records, and athletes.


Chatting While Viewing

CCTV Online TV for the Olympics adds innovative user interactive functions to viewing experience, including live chat rooms and instant messaging. A chat room offers a discussion forum for those who are watching the same program, increasing the communication between viewers. Registered users can hold a private chat via end-to-end instant messaging.


High Definition Picture Display

Akin to a high-tech, interactive screensaver, we utilized Adobe Flash technology to display high-definition images in full screen to replay key moments during the Games.


Map-based Mashup

This feature provides a wide range of map-based services such as knowing where friends are, the map to the gymnasium where the gymnastic competitions are heating up, transportation services, event timetable, and tailored weather reports, with intuitive interaction.


CCTV online TV for the Olympics brings novel user experience to all Internet citizens. The website serves over 100 million pages per day, and over 100,000 concurrent users per day. Augmentum has been recognized as “CCTV New Media Technology Partner”.